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Frequently Asked Questions

A:Price varies depending on the size of the moulding and
the height of ceiling.

A:5″ to 7″ crown moulding profile so that they won’t
look too heavy.

A:To make Crown molding look proportional to the
ceiling hight we would suggest picking wider
moulding profiles. 7″ and wider profile will look
appropriate in a high ceiling room. More if the room
demands so. Our designers will help you to
choose best possible crown moulding to
compliment your style and space

A:It is customized to match a client’s curve’s radius
specifically. It is made of resin and is processed in
the U.S. Therefore; the order takes about two to
three weeks to get delivered. Additionally, the
installation is more time-consuming. All these
factors propel the price of flexible crown moulding.

A: For smaller rooms we usually suggest 5 boxes and
for bigger rooms 9-12 boxes.

A: We recommend to install waffle ceiling on at least 9
feet ceiling and up. If you are still interested to add
a volume to your 8 ft. ceiling, we usually offer
ceiling paneling.

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